In order to achieve the goal of children with hearing loss in low-income countries receiving the same audiological care as those in countries with higher incomes, the Hear the World Foundation relies on strong supporters as well as products from Sonova AG’s brands, Phonak, Unitron, and Advanced Bionics. These foundation supporters provide products at reduced cost or additional funding.



Audioscan real-ear verification equipment enables hearing care professionals to provide patients with the best possible hearing experience. Audioscan has been supplying the Hear the World Foundation with these devices at preferential prices since 2015. The Hear the World project #HearMongolia has for example beneffited from this partnership.

Path Medical

Path Medical is a German based company developing cutting edge technologies to simplify the workflow for the healthcare professional. Since 2007, they make audiological diagnosis simple for all age and risk groups. Path Medical supports  Hear the World since 2020 by offering preferential terms for their devices.


Inventis is a high-tech oriented Italian company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge audiology equipment including, among the others, audiometers, middle ear analyzers and hearing aid fitting solutions. Since 2020, they support Hear the World by offering preferential terms for their devices. 

VARTA Microbattery / power one

VARTA Microbattery is a battery manufacturer. Since early 2010, VARTA Microbattery has been providing the Hear the World Foundation with hearing aid batteries free of charge for various projects worldwide. 

Ear Gear

Ear Gear was founded by parents of a daughter with hearing loss, who kept losing her hearing aids. They developed the spandex sleeves that cover the hearing aids and lock them in place. Very important for the Hear the World project partners: they also protect the hearing aids from dirt and moisture. Ear Gear has been supporting Hear the World since 2020 through their give back-program. 


The Bryan Adams Foundation

The Bryan Adams Foundation was set up in 2006 by Hear the World ambassador, musician and photographer Bryan Adams shortly after the tsunami struck southern Asia. The Foundation aims to improve the quality of people’s lives around the world by providing financial help and support to those people who are committed to bettering the lives of other people, by providing grants to finance specific projects. The Hear the World Foundation works closely with the Bryan Adams Foundation on projects related to hearing health care and the prevention of hearing loss.


Swiss Foundations

Since 2013 the Hear the World Foundation is a member of Swiss Foundations, the association of Swiss grant-making Foundations.


Insta-Mold and 2pluxx

Insta-Mold Products and 2pluxx GmbH in Switzerland are manufacturers of Insta-Mold silicones for the production of ear-molds for hearing aids, swim molds or hearing protection. Since 2015 Hear the World can order Insta-Mold silicones at a preferencial price.