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Former Sonova employee Vera and her husband, Dominique, turned their dream into reality by embarking on a sailing trip from Norway to Panama on their yacht, Richard Parker. On their way, they raised funds to support the Hear the World Foundation's partner project in Panama. Thanks to their fundraising activity, 44 children in need received free hearing aids.

Ten months ago, the couple embarked on a journey with their yacht, Richard Parker, and turned their dream of sailing around the globe into reality. They had two goals in sight: their final destination would be Panama and they would raise funds for the Hear the World partner project in Panama City - to give the gift of hearing to as many children in need as possible.

Very few people can afford hearing solutions in Panama, and the state-run healthcare system can only cover the costs of hearing aids and speech therapy for a handful of those living in poverty. That's why the Hear the World Foundation has supported FUNPROI - one of the few institutions in the country providing free hearing treatment to children in need, since 2013 with funding, hearing aid technology and expertise.

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Hearing aids for 44 children in need

To be able to provide hearing aids to even more children, Vera and Dominique raised funds on their journey. Their success became quickly visible. For every donation made, Vera sewed a flag and hung them at the mast top of their sailing yacht. After 40 weeks on sea, the sailors arrived in Panama with their topmast decked in flags, where the FUNPROI team greeted them a warm welcome. With pride, Vera and her husband handed over the donation of 44 hearing aids to FUNPROI, giving 44 children in need from Panama the gift of hearing.