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The Hear the Word Foundation supports collaborative efforts that will achieve significant and enduring improvements in hearing health for children in low- to middle-income countries.


We support programs and initiatives that:

  • Work towards improving hearing healthcare for children in underserved communities.
  • Have a holistic program framework and a strong emphasis on building local capacity
  • Use evidence-based ways to achieve specified outcomes in hearing health and show willingness and capacities to participate in monitoring and evaluation
  • Follow an inclusive approach

We partner with:

  • Locally-rooted organizations in low- to middle-income countries
  • Professional, legally registered non-profit organizations including NGOs, community groups, hospitals and actors within the private sector, preferably working with local governments and in networks with other organizations
  • Financially stable and transparent partners, working towards a self-reliant hearing health care model

How we support our program partners:

  • All work is led by program partners
  • We provide long-term funding and technological support in the form of hearing technology and diagnostic equipment
  • We augment funding with professional expertise and strategic consultancy support

We do not support: 

  • Basic funding of organizations or foundations
  • Campaigns, projects or organizations with significant political exposure
  • Fly-in fly-out projects without local anchoring
  • Individual persons with hearing loss
  • Projects in countries with severe safety or security risks