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In 2009, Hear the World presents "Hear the World Ambassadors" – an exhibition of photography featuring exclusive portraits of renowned personalities from the film, music, and fashion industries. On show in London for the first time, musician and photographer Bryan Adams has shot a range of superstars including Diane Kruger, Mick Jagger and Franka Potente who have come together to support the Hear the World initiative.

Fronted by its celebrity ambassadors, the Hear the World initiative raises international awareness about hearing and hearing loss. Photographed in poses that communicate 'conscious hearing', Moby, Amy Winehouse and Annie Lennox are among the many music icons that have been captured in a stunning series of portraits.

"I’m excited to lend my support to such an important cause," said Adams. "As a musician, I’m naturally sympathetic to an initiative dedicated to helping people appreciate and preserve an individual’s sense of sound. I hope this exhibit helps to remind people of the tremendous value of their hearing."

Visitors will be able to screen their hearing at free testing stations located throughout the venue. All the photographs are available for purchase with the net proceeds going to the Hear the World Foundation.

Have a look at the impressive ambassador photographs