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The Sonova employee engagements build next to the financial and the technological support of the projects another important pillar of the foundations work. Therefore, together with the Hear the World Foundation, Sonova started to reward outstanding employee engagements with the Hear the World trophy. The award expresses gratitude and wants to motivate employees to further engage. 

In the very first year that the trophy is being awarded, numerous examples of employee commitment from various countries have been nominated. This shows just how dedicated Sonova employees worldwide are to the foundation. Elena Torresani, Head of the Hear the World initiative, is pleased about this: “Voluntary efforts are an important part of our foundation’s work. They help us support our projects all over the world more effectively. From volunteering to fundraising campaigns, every contribution counts and is equally appreciated, and ultimately they help children with hearing loss enjoy better hearing.”

2018/19 Helen Brownlie wins the Hear the World Trophy 

Sonova UK employee Helen Brownlie wins the Hear the World Trophy 2018/19. The winner of the Hear the World Trophy 2018/19 is Helen Brownlie from Sonova UK. Last year, she supported the Hear the World Foundation with an unusual fundraiser. On last year’s Boxing Day, December 26, 2018,  Helen plunged into the ice-cold North Sea and raised more than £ 1,000 for the Hear the World Foundation. After this freezing adventure she said, "It was a fantastic experience – I was really glad I did it! Exhilarating, and actually not as cold as I thought it would be.” This fun and frantic event, organized by the Lions Club in Whitby, UK, has now been running over the last 45 years and has become a tradition.

2017/18 Sonova Germany wins the Hear the World Trophy

The employees of Sonova Germany were awarded with the Hear the World Trophy 2017/18. Over the last couple of years they have supported the Hear the World Foundation with various charity events, employees volunteering at Hear the World projects and the active sharing of Hear the World messages. Last November one of their employees travelled to Beirut with Hear the World to provide children with hearing loss with audiological care and at Christmas 2017, 89 employees of Sonova Germany passed on their Christmas present, enabling them to donate 3,204 Euros to Hear the World.

2016/17 Unitron Suzhou wins the Hear the World Trophy

The Hear The World Trophy, our internal award for outstanding employee commitment, goes to our colleagues in Suzhou, China, for the fiscal year 2016/17. We would like to congratulate the 886 employees on their achievement. As part of its work to mark the 10th anniversary of Hear the World, the Unitron Zuhou team ran a large number of campaigns, raising over CHF 4,000 for the employee project in India.


2015/16 Saving resources thanks to a simplified application process

The winners of the Hear the World Trophy 2016 have developed a modern IT solution for the Hear the World Foundation to handle the annual funding application process. This has significantly simplified the extensive application process for project proposals, as all of the data from the process is now stored in a single system and is accessible from anywhere in the world, facilitating the foundation’s work with its partners worldwide.