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As a member of SwissFoundations, we operate in line with the principles of the Swiss Foundation Code for foundations. We consider it our duty to use the funds entrusted to us in accordance with the purpose of the foundation and as effectively as possible.

As a charitable Swiss foundation, we practice professional foundation governance. For us, this means ensuring maximum transparency with regard to goal-setting, funding strategy and funding activities, as well as maximum professionalism in terms of organization and management, along with a strictly specified process for project support according to clearly defined criteria. 

Our funding principles

We exclusively support projects for the benefit of children with hearing loss. In order for resources to be used as efficiently and effectively as possible, sustainability is our fundamental guiding principle when deciding which projects to fund. All projects supported by the Hear the World Foundation aim to have a lasting positive impact on the quality of life of children with hearing loss.

The implementation of individual measures is based on our funding principles:

Quality treatment of hearing loss

Providing children with audiological care is a challenge bringing great responsibility. We strive to ensure that children in low- and middle-income countries receive the same quality of audiological care as those in higher-income countries. We therefore work in accordance with an international protocol for pediatric care that has been established over the years. We also make sure that our project partners have the right training, access to the latest hearing technology and modern equipment for the diagnosis of hearing loss, as well as for the fitting and validation of hearing aids in compliance with international standards.

Building local skills and expertise

Our goal of establishing and cultivating the necessary expertise on site applies to all projects supported by us. This enables us to ensure the sustainability of the provided audiological care while also creating local jobs. Knowledge is shared by Sonova employees via online trainings, on volunteer missions and, wherever necessary, by other specialists. 

Ensuring professional follow-up-care

We only donate hearing aids if our project partner can also guarantee regular check-ups on site after they have been fitted, including provision of batteries. Supplementary measures, such as communication therapy and the empowerment and support of parents, are also necessary for children to develop their hearing and speech to their full potential.

Long-term support and monitoring success

We work with our project partners over several years to establish sustainable care. Together, we determine the next logical project development steps to ensure ongoing professionalization of the provided audiological care. For the monitoring of success, each of our cooperation partners is obliged to submit a comprehensive report twice a year, containing precise details on the progress of the project and their use of donations.