The power beyond hearing

The ear is the most efficient and, at the same time, the most sensitive sensory organ of human beings. Our perception of the world is strongly influenced by visual stimuli, and that's why we often underestimate the role of our ears. The Hear the World Foundation wants to educate people about how fascinating and complex our sense of hearing is and what a significant influence it has on many aspects of our lives.

We jeopardize our hearing so carelessly!

There’s no doubt about it: going out, partying, and enjoying the music is a really great feeling. However, if you consider that the volume at concerts and in clubs can reach 100 decibels or more, it is clear that each of us has to take responsibility for protecting and preserving our hearing. 

In the second part of our study entitled “How the World Hears”, we closely analyzed the listening habits of people in Switzerland, Germany, the USA, Brazil, and China and the possible consequences of their behavior – with alarming results!

Are you in tune with good hearing behaviour?

We’ve asked people in Brazil, the U.S., Germany, China and Switzerland about their hearing habits and knowledge of hearing loss. The results show that the global spread of noise-induced hearing loss among younger people is the evil work of (you´ve might already guessed it) – noise!

Safe & Sound: The key to a fantastic festival season

It’s summertime again, and this time of year brings the music festival season. Partying with friends, soaking up the sun, and listening to great bands make music festivals an unforgettable experience. But few festival-goers pay any thought to their hearing even though festivals put exceptional strain on our ears. A weekend packed with concerts and loud music can damage our sense of hearing and could lead to permanent hearing loss. It’s a high price that no fan should have to pay, which is why the Hear the World Foundation is offering some useful tips to help music lovers enjoy festivals without harming their hearing.


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